Janine Antoni: Collaborating with Stephen Petronio

I like the concept behind this work. Performance and Choreographies fits already into my concept of Art. In this case combined with an additional development of Visual Art. This collaborative process is very contemporary.


Filmed in 2013, artist Janine Antoni and choreographer Stephen Petronio discuss their collaborative process. Instead of working strictly within their respective fields, Petronio and Antoni blur the lines between sculptor, performer, and choreographer as they create works for the stage as well as for the camera. After collaborating with Petronio on his piece Like Lazarus Did (2013), Antoni worked with him to make Honey Baby (2013), a video of Petronio company dancer Nick Sciscione moving through a honey coated sculptural space. “We were very interested in making a video where one could not feel gravity,” says Antoni.

Janine Antoni


Video excerpts of this work can be viewed at https://vimeo.com/78565595. Password: h0neyexcerpts. Janine Antoni and Stephen Petronio, Honey Baby, 2013, video, edition of 10 and 4 AP. Length: 0:14:00. Performer: Nick Sciscione, Videographer: Kirsten Johnson, Composer: Tom Laurie, Editor: Amanda Laws. Courtesy of the artists and Luhring Augustine. If you have questions about this artwork, please contact Stephen Petronio Company at 212.473.1660.

This auction benefits
Stephen Petronio Company

Stephen Petronio Company is an internationally acclaimed dance company based in NYC. Proceeds support collaborations with artists & musicians, performances & education programs.

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